acres wild

Oh Norway. Fjords, skiing, the northern lights, oil, cod fueled disagreements and great indie rock. How do they manage it all? Perhaps the last item on that list is not one which immediately springs to mind, but it is true. Especially on the underground scene. Norway has a habit of harbouring some amazing talent. And now it seems like we can add Acres Wild to the list.

Their debut EP kicks off with ‘63. Instantly it sounds as if it is from another time. In fact, the title may give a clue as to what era of music these 4 norwegians wish they came from. Thick vocals layered in harmonies, hand claps, twinkly guitars and a production sound which remains loyal to an age gone by. There is nothing new here, there are no boundaries being pushed, but it is safe, it is entertaining and it is unfathomably addictive listening.

Loopholes keeps us locked in the 60/70s. It’s is a slow and brooding number with initial pedal steel guitars being replaced by delay coated, distortion. Things don’t remain dark for too long however, with the song ending in a chorus of trumpets and layered harmonies, bringing some hope to the darker edge of Acres Wild.

Mellotron samples pepper the landscape of this 6 track EP – fading in and out between each track and underlining the desire to abandon the digital era and stay true to the records they grew up with. The Golden Plated Door has a few hints of country to it, and features a variety of vocalists. Touch of Ivory is the track most heavily reliant on the Mellotron sounds – which provides the basis of the songs structure. It is a fitting end to the EP, encompassing everything which Acres Wild are about. A noble effort which showcases the band’s desire to create authentic, simple, textured indie rock with just a hint of nostalgia.




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